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About the Course

The distinctive red sandstone geological formations of Papago Park were formed some 6-15 million years ago. One such formation, Hole-in-the-Rock, is a major landmark, thanks to the openings (tafoni) eroded in the formation over time. There is some evidence that the Hohokam — a now-extinct aboriginal tribe that once lived in the Phoenix area — used the openings and sunlight to track the solstices.

Papago Golf Club opened in 1963 and quickly became popular with Phoenix area residents. It hosted the US Amateur Public Links Championship in 1971, the 2009 J Golf Phoenix LPGA International and numerous Phoenix Open Qualifying events.

Professionally managed by OB Sports Golf Management, proud home of the Arizona State University Men’s and Women’s golf teams, and having undergone a major $8MM renovation in 2008, Papago’s future is as bright as its past is historic.

"The rich history of golf in the United States is greatly owed to public golf which has produced the majority of America's avid golfers. The game's full libretto of triumph, passion, error, comedy and comradeship is played out daily upon the affordable grounds of the public venue.

Papago Park is a classic example of all that's good about municipal golf and Will Godfrey's wonderful book available for purchase on Amazon in a new tab captures the story, the humanism and the feel of Papago's past, present and future. Great reading for any lover of the game."

Peter Longo
PGA Life Member and Golf Historian

"Papago presents a great challenge for the pros and top collegiate players, while also being enjoyable for anyone, on any day. The rolling flow of the course coupled with the beautiful views make it one of the most pleasant walks in the valley. It's difficult enough that may not have your best round ever, but you're gauranteed to enjoy any day you spend at Papago Golf Club."
Matt Thurmond 
Head Coach - ASU Men's Golf